About Us

Loving Jesus, Loving one another, Living Kingdom

The Kings Church is an independent free church with strong roots in prayer and the teaching of the word of God, dating back to its early roots in 1936.

We believe:

  • The Bible is God’s inspired manual for our lives and is the unchangeable Word of God
  • All can be saved and experience a meaningful new life when they genuinely turn to Jesus Christ; an
  • In the reality and power of the Holy Spirit to change and transform lives

We are a family-friendly, community-based church, with people from many racial and cultural backgrounds who have a strong passion to see the love of God touch and change many lives around the world. Our congregation of around 200 is drawn from about 20 different nationalities, covering all age groups from the very young to the wise older folks. We welcome everyone, irrespective of their situation or circumstances.

We have discovered in Jesus forgiveness of sin and freedom from guilt; peace of mind and eternal security; a new joy and power for living; and a wonderful awareness of God's love for us, which we love to share with everyone that God brings our way. We are passionate about sharing God’s word and showing His love in a practical manner, not only in our immediate community, but also nationally and internationally where we have various missionary and charitable engagements.

Our desire is to see everyone who comes to us, increased in their love for God and fulfilment of His will for their lives. We seek to be a disciplining and enabling church: teaching, equipping, empowering and releasing everyone to function fully in their God-given calling, by the knowledge of the word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Kings Church, Epsom is a registered charity and is also affiliated with the Evangelical Alliance.