Car Voluntary Scheme

We are currently setting up a Car Voluntary Scheme for the local area. We aim to have this up and running in 2016.

What's a car voluntary scheme?

A car voluntary scheme is made up of a pool of volunteer drivers who are available to take members of the public to various locations including hospital appointments, shopping trips, social visits, or simply being available for a cup of tea.

Why are we setting a scheme up?

We have some people in our community who are socially isolated. They may not have a car, are too frail to get on the bus, or have family that live too far away – so they don't get out much. Research shows that social isolation leads to depression and a lower quality of life. We want to help elevate some of that. Our clients won't pay us taxi fees, just voluntary donations (about the equivalent of the petrol used for the trip) so it's much more affordable. They will be able to get around, make social visits and have someone to chat to – making them happier!

Want to volunteer?

If you want to find out more or are interested in volunteering then contact

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