Prayer is communication or communion with God, listening to and talking to Him. It is a conversation, a two way thing, it flows both ways.

A strong relationship is based on regular, constant and consistent conversations. You cannot be in a relationship, any relationship and form true friendship without conversing with each other. Being in a relationship with Him means friendship with Him, built on sharing all your life experiences with Him, this is where prayer comes in.

Prayer is a way of involving God in every phase of your life – talking to Him and listening to Him regarding your jobs, work, families, moods, shopping (even mundane things), failures, successes and victories. It is possible to have an open ended conversation with Him all day while going about normal activities, by being aware of His presence all the time, asking His opinion on your thoughts and listening to His responses through His Spirit that dwells in you.

The interesting thing about relationship with humanity is that it is God's idea. Remember how He comes down to fellowship with humans in the garden of Eden? They could hear his voice and talk to Him – they were aware of His presence until humanity fell from grace into sin. God still desires that relationship and He gave us that opportunity again through His son Jesus.

Another interesting thing about prayer is you don't have to confine yourself to a particular time of the day to “spend time with Him”. This is an excellent way to start the day, don't get me wrong, even Jesus had special allocated time alone with the Father (Mark 6:46, Luke 6:12, Matt 14:23). It is good to have set times, l love setting time apart but that is only a fraction of the day, what happens to the rest of the day?

Paul admonished us in 1Thes 5:17 to "pray without ceasing". This means have a nonstop conversation. Involve Him in every thought, activity and action. Turn your day to day life into spending time with Him, have communion with Him, develop deep friendship with Him by changing your attitude to things you do daily as not to yourself but as unto the Lord, and seeking His opinion. That is prayer, that is communion, that is a relationship with Him. And since prayer is a conversation between two people, praying without ceasing also means listening as He speaks to you without ceasing. That means He is speaking all the time, He is willing to talk nonstop, willing to share his thoughts with you. How amazing is that! So you talk, He listens, He talks, you listen and in doing so, you have a strong, dynamic and fulfilling relationship with Him.

Our focus as a church for this year is Jesus Revealed in Me (Ephesians 4:12b-13). This can only be achieved in us all through aspiring to develop a personal relationship with Him. When we develop this, we will know Him more, "we will grow in our knowledge of Him and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ" as we commune with Him at all times.