The Kings worship team is run on a fairly informal basis, and its members are a friendly, enthusiastic , and energetic, bunch of people, who love The Lord, and enjoy making music together. We aren’t professionals! -just people that really enjoy having fun praising and worshipping The Lord. After all, if you can’t be joyful and be having fun in praise what’s the point??

Any church member is welcome to join us provided they can sing or play an instrument! Age is no obstacle either! At present we are confined to instrumentalists and singers, but we also want to encourage folk who may wish to do poems, rap, artwork, dance, or any other form of expression of worship in their love for the Lord.

Management of the PA and Song Projection system is also within the scope of the worship team.

If you have a desire to join us, don’t be shy!!! God sees your heart- and that’s what matters!! Talk to one of the Steering Group members in the first instance if you would like to join with us.

The Worship team meets on Mondays at 7.30pm. anyone is free to pitch up and come and play, so why not come along? If you want to chat about it before hand, please speak to one of the Steering group members.


We have a Steering Group that is actively involved with the day to day running of the Worship Team. These are your first point of contact for Worship matters. The Steering Group Members are:
Nick & Kirsten Miles, Hillary Nkrumah, Victor Alexander, and Tony Latham.

Segun Oladokun is the elder who keeps a beady eye on the Worship team.


As you would expect in any Christian group, values are driven by Gods word in our hearts.

In a nutshell our values are:

  • To have love for The Lord and to one another.
  • To have Integrity in all we do.
  • To be always ready to forgive one another when things go wrong.