Youth Events

YF - Young and Free

Young people aged 11-15 meet on Friday nights. We do a mixture of staying-in and going-out activities; such as cook-offs, games, FIFA, movie night, rock climbing, ice skating and airhop.

Weekend Aways

We take the young people on weekend’s away, where we have an action packed programme which includes sports, crafts, workshops and drama. We explore our relationships with God. We offer financial assistance to young people who can't pay.

Soul Survivor

In most August's we partner with other local churches to go as a big group to Soul Survivor in Somerset.

Soul Survivor is a five day event where thousands of teenagers gather together to journey with God.

The main focus of the events are the morning and evening meetings where we spend time worshipping God with music, learning more about Him through His word and waiting on the Holy Spirit to change us and equip us to live lives for Him.

As well as main meetings and seminars there are a bunch of venues from chilled out cafes through to awesome gigs... it's pretty fun!