Fellowship Together

With The Word of Life   Walking In The Light
With The Word Of Life
Segun looks at John's eyewitness account of Jesus's ministry, death and resurrection and his invitation to fellowship together.
  Walking In The Light
Dave explains how we need to develop a personal relationship with God before anything else.
Knowing God   Love Is A Command web
Knowing God
Segun explains what it means to know God and how we can grow our knowledge of Him.
  Love Is A Command
Robin challenges our perception of what it is to love and explains how God expects us to demonstrate love with our actions and not just our words.
Do Not Love The World   With the Holy Spirit
Do Not Love The World
Segun explores what John meant by "the world" and encourages us to examine ourselves to see where our priorities are.
  With The Holy Spirit
Steve explains the importance of being guided by the Holy Spirit.
Simon explains how to identify false teaching.
  Based On God's Love
Malcolm focuses on God's love.
The Fellowship Of Overcomers
Steve demonstrates how we have victory in overcoming the world.
  Final Words From John
Segun and Linda reiterate the need to pursue a right relationship with God first, so we can have good fellowship with each other.

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